EMU 14WE “Halny”

Technical data regarding vehicles of type 14WE operated by SKM (reference numbers 107-108).

General data

  • Design: 2004, Energocontrol Kraków,
  • Producer: Newag SA in Nowy Sącz (d. ZNTK Nowy Sącz SA), established in 1876,
  • System: driving car 410B + motor car 309B + control car 410B,
  • Cars connected with bellows – internal and external, which ensures retaining temperature and sound isolation – in one space,
  • Installation reconstructed according to EN57 diagrams with the application of new devices: manipulators, contactors, switches, pneumatic boards.

Basic parameters

  • Maximum speed: 110 km/h,
  • Acceleration with maximum load to 50 km/h 0.5 m/s²,
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h with no load 85 seconds,
  • Braking deceleration 0.8 m/s²,
  • Mean electricity consumption on route Warszawa Zachodnia – Warszawa Falenica during 48 minutes, depending on the vehicle’s load and external temperature 6.75 – 9.00 kWh/km,
  • Mean electricity consumption on route Warszawa Rembertów – Warszawa Centralna – Pruszków during 41 minutes, with no load 5.36 kWh/km,
  • Empty weight 132.6 t,
  • Length 68.4 m,
  • Maximum track bearing pressure 185 kN,
  • Multiple-unit train control.

Drive parameters

  • Supply voltage 3000 V DC,
  • Pantograph DSA 200-PKP,
  • Traction motor parameters: series DC motor LKf 450, 3000/2 V, 955 r/min, regenerated motors,
  • Axle configuration 2’2’+Bo’Bo”+2’2”,
  • Traction motor continuous power 145 kW,
  • Traction motor hour rated power 185 kW,
  • Number of traction motors 4,
  • Motor nose link bushing.


  • Adapted for stops with platforms with a height over the rail top surface of 760-1060 mm, equipped in one step lighted after opening of the door due to a high difference in height of platforms at stops. In the front, additional steps from the ground level for staff and for potential evacuation of passengers,
  • Internal lining from plastic profiles,
  • Tilt windows secured with locks with air conditioning on,
  • Number of doors – 12 (6 per side),
  • Sliding plug doors opened with sensor switches and secured with sensors and photocell against squeezing,
  • Entry to the driver’s cabin through a passenger compartment,
  • Welded frame – brand new,
  • Hollow profile skeleton – brand new,
  • Glued stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic plating,
  • Plastic front plating,
  • Laminated heated windscreens,
  • Side windows from glued glass units,
  • Driver desk– European,
  • System of handrails for passengers,
  • Luggage racks,
  • LT panel along a side wall,
  • Connection with bogies: kingpins,
  • Scharfenberg automatic coupler located at a height required by the EU (higher than in the previous rolling stock),
  • Number of seats – 192,
  • Number of standing places – 255
  • The materials applied meet the Polish Norm PN-K-02511 March 2000 “Railway rolling stock. Fire safety of materials. Requirements.”

Auxiliary equipment

  • Rotary screw compressor powered by an asynchronous motor 3×400 V, 50 Hz,
  • Static converter,
  • Air conditioner converter,
  • Air conditioning device,
  • Event data recorder,
  • Electricity meter EM4T,
  • CCTV with recording,
  • Ticket validation system of the Municipal Transportation Authority in Warsaw,
  • Electronic displays,
  • Automated stop announcement system,
  • Passenger-driver intercom,
  • Maintenance computer integrating the vehicle’s electronic systems,
  • Wheelchair lifts,
  • Strip lighting,
  • Halogen reflectors.


  • bogies type 36AN and 23 MN (bogies modernised from EMU EN57),
  • First degree springing – metal-rubber springs; second degree – coil springs,
  • Shock absorbers – hydraulic,
  • Wheel sets – hoop,
  • Trailing wheel diameter – 940 mm,
  • Driving wheel diameter – 1000 mm,
  • Minimum railway curve radius – 80 m (on technical railway for an unloaded vehicle at a speed of 10 km/h),
  • Braking system – SAB-Wabco, rail Vehicles Institute,
  • Mechanical block brake,
  • Manual brake – take-up screw for one bogie.

The vehicle has the permission to operate the type of rail vehicle No. T/2007/0136, issued by the Office of Rail Transportation.

Prepared by: Rafał Wodzicki and Piotr Zagozdon 9 August 2007.

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